Big Haus Sees Big Benefits with an Integrated WRB


Component Quantities:

Component Quantities: 14,000 MSF of ForceField® Weather Barrier System
26 apartment buildings
Type of Building: Multifamily
Location: San Antonio, TX

Key Companies:
General Contractor: Stewart Development and Construction Architect: Stewart Development and Construction
Big Haus Sees Big Benefits with an Integrated WRB

Large projects can come with major setbacks that mean big hits to timelines and budgets. Stewart Development and Construction experienced these challenges firsthand on their Big Haus project. This impressive project included the design and construction of 26 apartment buildings (totaling 318 units), three amenities buildings, and a swimming pool. Nestled in Arbolada (Spanish for “wooded area”), this multifamily project spans across 40 acres in the rolling hills of San Antonio, TX.

Looking for a solution to supply chain issues that were causing delays, owner Mark Stewart turned to his representatives at The Home Depot. They recommended ForceField® Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific. The Home Depot knew Georgia-Pacific could deliver product when and where needed, and Mark Stewart knew he could trust the brand’s reputation for dependable, high-performance building products.

Not only was this integrated WRB sheathing system available when and where they needed it, but it could be used on sloped roofs and walls to help dry-in the structures faster. To make installation even smoother, their Georgia-Pacific field manager was on-site to provide full, hands-on support every step of the way.

Stewart and his team were impressed by how easy the system was to install, by fast delivery times, and by how quick drying-in got them back on schedule.

Watch the video to hear how the Big Haus project went from seven months behind schedule to two months ahead with ForceField® Weather Barrier System.