Once ForceField® Panels are installed on roofs and walls, accessories protect wall and roof seams in this integrated WRB sheathing system.

Discover a wide range of trusted products to treat everything from joints and seams to window openings and curved details.


ForceField® Premium Tape

A high-performance, self-adhered flashing tape used to treat roof joints and seams.  Made with an acrylic adhesive and proprietary film, this tape offers exceptional durability and tear resistance once installed.

  • Seals sloped roof seams and joints against air and moisture infiltration
  • Excellent conformability for bonding around curves and corners
  • High-performance film offers tear and impact resistance
  • Compatible with many sealants
  • May be applied in temperatures as low as 20°F
  • AAMA 711-13 compliant


ForceField® Seam Tape Plus

A high-quality, pressure-sensitive seam tape. It is recommended for treating wall joints and helps contribute to the continuity of the air and moisture barrier.

  • Seals wall seams and joints against air and moisture infiltration
  • Proprietary adhesive technology on a high-performance polypropylene film
  • Thin and easy to work with, yet durable and strong
  • Offers excellent tear and impact resistance
  • Can be used to treat wall penetrations
  • UV- and weather-resistant, and may be applied in temperatures as low as 20°F
  • Over 600% elongation per ASTM D1970, allowing for movement

ForceField® Seam Tape

An advanced seam tape specially designed for treating wall seams, joints and detailing penetrations. It helps contribute to the continuity of the air and moisture barrier on residential structures.

  • Pressure-sensitive coated polymeric film used for treating wall seams and joints
  • Serrated for easy tearing
  • A constant bond may be achieved with moderate pressure and does not require applicator tools
  • UV- and weather-resistant – performs in temperatures as low as 20°F
  • Tested per PSTC 101 (Peel Adhesion for Pressure Sensitive Tapes) and PSTC 131 (Breaking Strength and Elongation of Pressure Sensitive Tapes)

ForceField® Flex Flashing Tape

A conformable, peel-and-stick flashing tape. It wraps easily around windows and other curved and rough openings. It is ideal for use on curved openings on walls and windowsill pan flashing.

  • Seals curved openings and windowsill pan flashing on walls
  • Two-ply oriented high-density film mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet
  • High-performance butyl is designed to maintain the continuity of the air and water-resistive barrier

AT Flashing

A pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed product that is used to treat wall openings and material transitions. It is designed to adhere to construction surfaces without primer or conditioning.

  • Provides protection from air and moisture
  • Meets or exceeds current AAMA 711 standards

ForceField® Corner Seal

A semi-rigid polypropylene seal that creates a “living hinge.” It simplifies the detailing of inside and outside exterior wall corners, protecting structures against air and water intrusion in some of what are typically the most difficult areas to treat.

  • 4” wide, semi-rigid polypropylene with a “living hinge” for bending angles
  • Adheres to panels with seam tape
  • Provides additional protection against air and moisture intrusion


DensDefy® Liquid Flashing

A detailing compound that protects wall rough openings, penetrations, sheathing fasteners and seams. It eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape and reduces installation time.

  • Waterproofing, adhesive and detailing compound made with STP Technology
  • Creates a highly durable continuous elastomeric flashing membrane
  • Bonds and cures in adverse weather conditions and may be applied to damp surfaces
  • Tolerates rain immediately after application
  • May be fully exposed to UV and normal weather conditions for up to 12 months
  • Backed by a Georgia-Pacific limited warranty
  • AAMA 714 Compliant

DensDefy® Transition Membrane

An impermeable, self-adhered sheet designed for use as a rough-opening flashing and transition membrane for connecting dissimilar materials to maintain air and moisture barrier continuity.

  • 25-mil composite impermeable membrane
  • Comprised of 16 mils of butyl adhesive and 9 mils of HDPP facer
  • Bonds to most surfaces, such as glass mat gypsum sheathing, poured concrete, masonry, steel and wood-based substrates
  • Ideal for drift or control joints, vertical expansion joints, gaps greater than 1” and transitions between dissimilar materials
  • Primerless application allows for faster installation time
  • May be exposed to normal weather conditions for up to 12-months
  • Backed by a Georgia-Pacific limited warranty
  • AAMA 711 Certified

DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier

  • Provides a highly durable, monolithic , elastomeric water-resistive barrier
  • May be applied in temperatures as low as 25ºF and cures in temperatures as low as 32ºF
  • Vapor permeable, allowing damp surfaces to dry
  • Fast cure allows for next steps of construction in a shorter amount of time

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