ForceField® Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific helps reduce weather-related challenges and delays while simplifying construction.

Explore the integrated WRB (weather-resistive barrier) sheathing system for sloped roofs and walls to see how it helps dry in multifamily and residential structures faster compared to traditional systems.

Protect your builds, no matter what
you’re up against.

Easy to Install
Simplifies construction and can be applied by just one installer.
Integrated WRB sheathing reduces the number of trips around the building.
Helps reduce the risks of weather-related challenges and delays.



Get to Know the Smarter Sheathing System

See how integrated WRB sheathing panels and accessories in the ForceField Weather Barrier System work together to offer superior protection on every building’s roof and walls.

How to Install on Walls

Get step-by-step instructions on how to install panels and accessories properly on walls to help and ensure the system creates a continuous weather barrier.

How to Install on Roofs

Get step-by-step instructions on how to install panels and accessories properly on roofs.

ForceField® Weather Barrier System Resources

Take a look at installation instructions, warranty information and more.

Look for the Savings Beyond Material Receipts

Developers who rely on merely comparing upfront material costs when determining budget savings can easily miss the big picture. To determine true cost savings, it’s essential to evaluate holistically: looking for savings everywhere, from materials to labor to schedules and more.
Case study

Simplified, Time Saving Installation

Stay ahead of time, labor, and weather issues with ForceField® Weather Barrier System. Learn how to install our smarter sheathing system using the installation instructions found here.
Installation Guide

Warranties from Georgia-Pacific

In our commitment to quality, durable building products, ForceField® Weather Barrier System is backed by a limited warranty from Georgia-Pacific. Review warranty details to learn how panels and accessories that are part of the original building envelope are covered.
System Warranty