ForceField® Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific consists of engineered wood sheathing panels with an enhanced* overlay and accessories that provide a continuous air and water-resistive barrier.

From five-story multifamily projects to detached single family homes, weather is no longer your mortal enemy. Reduce weather-related interruptions and damage while increasing the quality and integrity of your structures.



Protect your builds, no matter what
you’re up against.

Weather Resistive

Install in damp conditions for faster project completion. 6-month exposure warranty.

Air Leakage

Create a continuous air barrier for an efficient building envelope.

Labor Shortages

Increase the efficiency of your crew by eliminating the need for house wrap.

Panels and Accessories

Forever change the way you approach wall systems.

WRB / AB Panels
DensElement® Barrier System is versatile across today’s top cladding choices.

Panels with DryGuard® Technology* and an enhanced* overlay help keep water out.

Seam Essentials

High-performance seam tape lets you protect seams and joints.

Premium Accessories
DensElement® Barrier System’s integrates WRB-AB eliminates separate weatherproofing altogether, reducing overall time on the job.

Complete the envelope with premium accessories compatible across Georgia-Pacific products.

Finishing Touches
DensElement® Barrier System’s overall process consolidation, design versatility, and time savings means faster time to completion on the overall project.

Corner seals and flexible tape cover every detail for a continuous envelope.

ForceField® Weather Barrier System Resources

Take a look at installation instructions, warranty information and more.

Look for the Savings Beyond Material Receipts

Developers who rely on merely comparing upfront material costs when determining budget savings can easily miss the big picture—leading to a less-than-successful result once the property is developed. To determine true cost savings, it’s essential to evaluate holistically: looking for savings everywhere, from materials to labor to schedules and more.
Case study

Simplified Time Savings Installation

Stay ahead of time, labor, and weather issues with ForceField® Weather Barrier System. Learn how to properly install our smarter sheathing system using our installation instructions found here.
Installation Guide

The Science behind the system

ForceField® Weather Barrier System is recognized by APA* as conforming to IBC, IRC, and IEEC standards for a water-resistive barrier and air barrier.

*Features described here may not be available in all geographic markets. Consult your Georgia Pacific Company sales office or representative for more information.

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