Georgia-Pacific continues to build on an enduring legacy of
innovation with ForceField® Weather Barrier System.

Dive into how the enhanced features of this integrated WRB sheathing system simplify wood-framed constructions.

Install ForceField® Weather Barrier System on your next job to protect your structures, your timelines, and your reputation.

ForceField Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific is an integrated WRB sheathing system designed for walls and sloped roofs on residential and multifamily structures.

Tough against air and
water intrusion
Materials when and
where you need them
Versatility in one
simplified system
Technical support at
every step
limited warranty

ForceField® Panels

Apply engineered structural wood sheathing panels to the walls and sloped roofs of your projects to help keep water out.

Premium-quality oriented strand board (OSB)
Moisture-resistant core using DryGuard® Technology
Enhanced overlay eliminates the need for house wrap
Installs easily like standard OSB


ForceField® Premium Tape

Use this self-adhered flashing tape to treat joints and seams between ForceField Panels to help reduce air and water infiltration.

Treats joints and seams
Works on walls and sloped roofs
Tear and impact resistant
One roll covers up to six panels


Exposure Warranty for Walls

ForceField® Weather Barrier System for walls includes a limited 6-month warranty for exposure to normal weather conditions.

Exposure Warranty for Roofs

ForceField® Weather Barrier System for sloped roofs includes a limited 3-month exposure warranty

10-Year Limited Warranty

Structurally rated wood sheathing panels, advanced seam tapes and other ForceField® Weather Barrier System accessories that are part of the original building envelope are covered under a limited warranty from Georgia-Pacific in our commitment to offering you quality, durable building products.


Delivering More Than Protection on a Multifamily Project

Watch how ForceField® Weather Barrier System took this project from seven months behind schedule to two months ahead.

How to Install on Walls

Get step-by-step instructions on how to install panels and accessories properly on walls to help ensure the system creates a continuous weather barrier.

How to Install on Roofs

Get step-by-step instructions on how to install panels and accessories properly on roofs.

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