From wet weather to jobsite headaches, your builds are up against enough challenges that lead to costly delays.

Georgia-Pacific, the company you trust for gypsum weather-resistive sheathing with DensElement® Barrier System, now brings you ForceField® Weather Barrier System. This all-in-one smarter sheathing system that delivers a superior level of protection from the elements so you can focus on the installation with one less worry.

WRB/AB Panels
Seam Essentials
Flashing & Detailing
Transitioning Accessory

ForceField® engineered wood sheathing panels with an enhanced* overlay and accessories create a continuous WRB/AB system that protects your investment and prevents weather-related delays.


DensElement® Barrier System is versatile across today’s top cladding choices.

Panels with DryGuard® Technology* and an enhanced* overlay keep bulk water out.


High performance seam tape lets you protect seams and joints with no additional tools.

Flashing and Detailing
DensElement® Barrier System’s integrates WRB-AB eliminates separate weatherproofing altogether, reducing overall time on the job.

Treat rough openings, joints, seams and more with this premium STP liquid flashing.

Transitioning Accessory
DensElement® Barrier System’s overall process consolidation, design versatility, and time savings means faster time to completion on the overall project.

Promote WRB continuity with this versatile transition membrane.


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*Features described here may not be available in all geographic markets. Consult your Georgia Pacific Company sales office or representative for more information.


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