DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier

A fluid-applied, single-component Silyl Terminated Polymer (STP) air- and water-resistive barrier. The robust, elastomeric membrane formed by DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier adheres to most common construction surfaces such as CMU, concrete, glass mat gypsum sheathing, OSB and plywood, and galvanized steel and wood framing, and is compatible with a wide range of sealants and waterproofing or air barrier components.

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Product Details

  • Provides a durable, seamless water-resistive, air-barrier membrane​
  • Easily applied to adjacent substrates via roller or spray
  • May be applied in temperatures as low as 25°F and cures in temperatures as low as 32°F. ​​
  • Can be applied in wet weather, on damp substrates, and tolerates rain immediately after application. ​
  • Vapor permeable – allows damp surfaces to dry. ​
  • Can be exposed to normal weathering conditions for up to 12 months. ​
  • Single-source limited warranty when used with DensElement® Barrier System as the WRB/AB on exterior above-grade walls.​

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