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With its integrated WRB-AB, DensElement® Barrier System is an efficiency multiplier, saving installation time and labor.


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Switch to a Smarter Sheathing

DensElement® Barrier System consolidates the sheathing installation and waterproofing process by integrating gypsum sheathing, a water-resistive barrier, and an air barrier using AquaKor™ Technology.

DensElement Barrier System frees you from manually applying a WRB-AB over the sheathing on the job site or in the factory. When you use DensElement Barrier System, you’re eliminating an entire step in the installation process.

"At this point, we’re recommending DensElement® Barrier System to all of our clients…When you look at its combination of cost and scheduling benefits, relative ease of installation and long-term performance — which are all the factors we take into consideration when we select materials for our projects — there’s really nothing else like it on the market."
‒Keith Michel, Senior Project Manager, FORMA Construction

AquaKor™ Technology Enables an Integrated WRB-AB

DensElement® Barrier System uses proprietary AquaKor Technology to create the WRB-AB within. By filling microscopic voids in the glass mat and gypsum core via AquaKor Technology, a hydrophobic, monolithic surface is created that blocks bulk water while retaining vapor permeability. The need for a separate WRB-AB is eliminated. This means fewer passes around the building, fewer labor hours on-site or in the factory, and a quicker building process.

Maintain Design Integrity from Desk to Job Site

The design of the continuous plane around the envelope to resist bulk water and prevent uncontrolled air movement in and out of the building has the potential to be degraded during the construction process.

  • What if the moisture-control layer design is altered through substitution?
  • What if the WRB-AB is applied in inclement weather?
  • What if it’s applied inconsistently or incorrectly?
  • What if the finished WRB-AB is too difficult to QC, and intrusions are left in-service?

When the joints, fasteners, openings, and transitions are properly sealed with DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing, DensElement® Barrier System eliminates the need for a separate WRB-AB. In turn, this eliminates the risk of post-design WRB-AB changes to the building envelope design.

Faster to the Finish Line

DensElement® Barrier System eliminates the risk of inconsistent WRB-AB application in the field by eliminating the need for a separate WRB-AB. Since installation can occur in wet weather, schedules are accelerated, achieving dry-in faster. And DensElement Barrier System offers relief from the quality control challenges posed by building wraps and both self-adhered and fluid-applied membranes.

Ryan Lutz, architect at Anderson Mason Dale Architects P.C. appreciates the advantages. “Sure, after it’s been applied, we can test a fluid-applied membrane with a wet mil gauge but we can’t test every square inch of the building to see if it received an even, consistent coat. And with other products such as building wraps and peel-and-stick membranes, you don’t know if they’ll be damaged during installation. With the DensElement Barrier System, you don’t have to worry about that because the WRB-AB is integrated.”

"After a couple meetings with my project manager and my department head for our weather barrier system, what we finally concluded was using the DensElement product, we’ve seen the impact of possibly, of about 22% to the end date of this schedule on this project. On a 22-story condo project, it was significant."
‒John Quintrell, Project Manager Western Partitions Inc, Block 20.

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