Simplified Time Savings Installation

Bottom line: Installation is quick and easy.

Benefits Abound

Faster Install
DensElement® Barrier System’s integrates WRB-AB eliminates separate weatherproofing altogether, reducing overall time on the job.
Eliminates WRB-AB application step
Faster to Dry-In
With integrated WRB-AB in the sheathing, DensElement® Barrier System can be installed across all weather conditions, even rain.
Installs in wet weather 12-month exposure warranty
Less Crew Needed
Sheathing installer finishes seams, fasteners and rough openings
Less Jobsite Waste
DensElement® Barrier System does not require any conventional WRB-AB, eliminating any onsite application waste.
No leftover wrap or scraps of adherent membranes
"We are always looking for innovations and ways to build faster, ways to build smarter. And, it just made sense to us. To have the weather resistive barrier integrated into it was exactly what we need. And, it seemed like an inevitable progression for type one construction."
‒Brad Nile, Project Executive, Andersen Construction

Side by Side, There’s No Comparison

Compare DensElement® Barrier System installation vs. fluid-applied, self-adhered, and building wrap WRB-ABs — then draw your own conclusions.

DensElement® Barrier System vs. Fluid-Applied Application

DensElement® Barrier System vs. Peel & Stick Application

DensElement® Barrier System vs. Building Wrap Application

Learn to Install Videos

Learning to install the DensElement® Barrier System takes just 2 easy steps.
1. Install DensElement® Sheathing just like standard fiberglass mat sheathing
2. Seal joints, fasteners, and transitions with DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing

Use these video resources to understand the steps to install and why you’ll want to recommend DensElement Barrier System on your next project.

Sealing Pipe Penetrations and Electrical Boxes

Transitions to Dissimilar Materials

Sealing joints, Seams, and Fasteners

Sealing Rough Openings

Installation Guidelines

Learn how to properly install DensElement® Barrier System. Visit Resources for more information.

Overview (English) Download
Overview (Spanish) Download
Overview (French) Download

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