Advanced Technology Meets Intelligent Design

An innovative 3-in-1 sheathing, water-resistive barrier and air barrier

Building on a History of Innovation

More than 30 years ago, DensGlass® Sheathing disrupted commercial building design. Now DensElement® Barrier System continues that legacy of innovation by integrating 3 products in one: gypsum sheathing, water-resistive barrier and air barrier.

Designed from Research

DensElement® Barrier System combines product ideation and experimentation to deliver its patented AquaKor™ Technology. Integrating the fiberglass mat and gypsum core to form a monolithic, hydrophobic surface transforms the entire gypsum sheathing into a WRB-AB that blocks bulk water while allowing vapor to pass through.

“DensElement Barrier System is the product of a lot of research and a lot of discovering that buildings fail if you don’t have the right assembly and the right pieces in the right place. As we take them apart, we see where and how they’re failing, which helps us come up with these technologies and strategies to prevent that. DensElement Barrier System is the direct result of all of this research.” — Chris Laumer-Giddens, Architect and Builder, LG Squared

Designed for Versatility

DensElement® Barrier System can be used behind nearly any cladding type including brick, metal panels, EIFS, stone, fiber cement siding, and rain screen assemblies. DensElement® Barrier System is an approved component of several NFPA 285 compliant wall assemblies. Simplified installation, optimal water infiltration protection, and design versatility makes DensElement Barrier System a clear choice for your next project.

"Cladding fastener ‘seal ability’ was a big reason for choosing DensElement® Barrier System. We will definitely specify it on future commercial projects."
‒Andrew Kyzrsiekd, Zervas Group Architects
DensElement® Barrier System is compatible across today’s most popular cladding types, simplifying design versatility.

Designed for Efficiency

You are depended upon to choose innovative products with both high performance and productivity benefits. With DensElement® Barrier System, you can deliver both. Installation crews don’t have to install a separate WRB-AB to achieve a continuous barrier. This simplicity of installation can eliminate one or two passes around the building and requires less labor.

The result? Dry-in buildings faster, easier, and more efficiently.

“Just the fact that you can go from raw studs to a clad and detailed WRB quicker than any other application — once we had determined that it would perform as promised — that was the attribute that has been most beneficial to us.” — Brad Nile, Project Executive, Andersen Construction

Designed for Weather

Rainy days stay productive with DensElement® Barrier System. The integrated WRB-AB and sheathing design enables installation in clear or wet weather conditions, so that work can stay on schedule without rain delays.

“It’s much less weather-sensitive than traditional strategies, and it lets you waterproof and dry-in in one step. That’s what you need when the weather and schedule are working against you.” — Max Tooley, Project Manager, Sessler Inc.

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