Tools for Improvement

Explore our interactive map, materials estimator, and a variety of continuing education courses—all provided to deliver a seamless and simplified experience using the DensElement® Barrier System.

Explore our interactive project map to see DensElement® Barrier System in envelope-assembly action in a wide variety of building jobs across the U.S.

Interactive Project Map

Discover the vital role that DensElement® Barrier System has played in over 400 construction projects around the United States. Navigate through an interactive map highlighting a variety of successful jobs building a better wall across the nation.
Use our straightforward estimation tool to determine the material and cost associated with using DensElement® Barrier System for your next big project.

Materials & Cost Calculator

This easy to use calculator will help guide your materials’ estimates when using DensElement® Barrier System on your next building project. Make planning quick and easy with this handy calculator tool.
Schedule a continuing education course to earn CEU association credits and maintain certification on current building industry processes and procedures.

Continuing Education Courses (CEUs)

Stay certified and up to date on the latest industry processes by taking one of our continuing education courses. Earn 1 LU/HSW (AIA credit) with in-office classes from our construction experts on topics ranging from planning to installation.

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