DensDeck Prime Roof Board is built to stand strong with EONIC™ Technology for enhanced moisture resistance and increased membrane bond strength.

Fire Resistance

Non-Combustible Gypsum Core

  • Slows flame spread.
  • Shields from external fire sources.
  • Helps protect roof from internal fire spread.

Wind Resistance

Board Strength and Mat to Core Bond

  • Improves roof’s ability to resist wind.
  • Increases membrane bond strength.
  • Enhances fastener pull through performance.

Puncture Resistance

Rigid Board Protection for Membrane and Insulation

  • Resists impact from human caused events.
  • Relieves static pressure caused by the weight of rooftop equipment.
  • Defends against dynamic impact from flying debris.

Hail Resistance

Fiberglass Mat Reinforcement

  • Stands strong against repeated hail strikes.
  • Meets FM Approvals Severe Hail (SH) Classification.

Moisture Resistance

+ Control Moisture with Eonic™ Technology

With the addition of EONIC™ Technology, a patent-protected enhancement, DensDeck Prime Roof Board has double the resistance to moisture to defend your roof and better protect the contents inside your structure with the following benefits:

  • 5% total water absorption resistance by weight
  • 1-gram nominal surface water absorption performance on both sides of the board


Data That Speaks to Durability

When exposed to water all roof boards lose strength, including flexural strength, but to varying degrees. In third-party test results of 1/2″ roof boards.*

  • DensDeck® Prime Roof Board with EONIC™ Technology tested 52% stronger than gypsum fiber and 57% stronger than alternative coated glass mat when dry
  • After a standard 2-hour soak, DensDeck Prime boards tested 267% stronger than gypsum fiber and 87% stronger than alternative coated glass mat
  • DensDeck Prime boards tested stronger after the 2-hour soak than both gypsum fiber and alternative coated glass mat tested before exposure to moisture

*Third-party testing of 1/2” boards conducted by Trinity ERD in Columbia, South Carolina in October 2016 and December 2017. Testing conducted in accordance to ASTM C473 to meet ASTM C1177.

In third-party test results comparing ½” DensDeck® Prime Roof Board to other roof board materials.**

  • DensDeck Prime boards tested 74% stronger on the face and 14% on the back versus gypsum fiber
  • DensDeck Prime boards tested 2.5x stronger on the face and 7x stronger on the back versus alternative coated glass mat

**Testing of ½” boards conducted by PRI Construction Materials Technologies in October 2017 and in accordance to ASTM C209

In third-party test results of ½” DensDeck® Prime Roof Board versus other materials***.

  • Alternative coated glass mat gypsum absorbed 76% more water
  • Gypsum fiber absorbed 132% more water

NOTE: Moisture has a detrimental effect on every cover board, including DensDeck® Roof Boards and every effort should be taken to keep them dry before, during and after installation. Damage or reduction in performance resulting from exposure to more than an incidental amount of moisture is NOT covered by the limited warranty for DensDeck® Roof Boards. For additional information on installation guidelines and product warranty, please see Resources.
***Testing conducted by PRI Construction Materials Technologies in October 2017 and in accordance to ASTM C473. ½” boards tested for DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards, gypsum fiber and alternative coated glass-mat gypsum roof boards.


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