Building on the legacy of DensDeck® Prime Roof Board, Georgia-Pacific sets the new standard for performance with DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board.

DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board stands up to extreme weather and tough new hail standards to give your commercial roof the top defense. Featuring enhanced strength and moisture resistance, this premium cover board is the only gypsum cover board that is FM classified for Very Severe Hail (VSH) in approved single-ply assemblies.

Fire Resistance

Non-Combustible Gypsum Core

  • Slows flame spread.
  • Shields from external fire sources.
  • Helps protect roof from internal fire spread.

Wind Resistance

Board Strength and Mat to Core Bond

  • Improves roof’s ability to resist wind.
  • Increases membrane bond strength.
  • Enhances fastener pull through performance.

Puncture Resistance

Rigid Board Protection for Membrane and Insulation

  • Resists impact from human caused events.
  • Relieves static pressure caused by the weight of rooftop equipment.
  • Defends against dynamic impact from flying debris.

Hail Resistance

Fiberglass mat reinforcement

  • Stands strong against repeated hail strikes.
  • DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board is the only cover board that is FM classified for Very Severe Hail (VSH) in approved single-ply assemblies

Enhanced Strength

+ Next-Level Storm Defense for your Roof Assembly.

The increased board density and reinforced glass mat significantly improves wind uplift and impact resistance.

*Consult RoofNav for VSH assemblies with DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board.


Data That Speaks to Durability

Enhancing the durability and puncture resistance of the DensDeck® Roof Board offerings for FM Global Very Severe Hail (VSH) rating specifications, DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Board assemblies meets these rigid standards for impact resistance, using engineering ingenuity to help reduce roof assembly storm damage risk.

FM Global tests roof systems for moderate and severe hail impact resistance on how the withstand dropping a 2-inch diameter 1.19-pound steel ball from either 81 inches or 141.5 inches, respectively. This results in impact energies of 8 ft-lbs for moderate hail (1.75″ or bigger) and 14 ft-lbs for severe hail (2″ or bigger). The new VSH designation uses an ice launcher to propel a 2-inch diameter laboratory-made ice ball at 152 to 160 feet per second. This applies impact energy of 53 to 58 foot-pounds on the surface of the tested sample–an increase of almost 4x compared to severe hail. Learn more about FM’s VSH impact-resistance classification here.

DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board Stands Strong

As weather events intensify, your roof assembly must adapt too. DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Board helps commercial rooftops hold tough under extreme weather conditions with enhanced moisture and impact resistance.

How to Install DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board

Learn how to properly store, handle and install DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board. This video shares best practices for laying the board to strengthen your roof assembly.


Get all the detailed technical information you need to know about DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Board. You can explore the limited warranty, submittal and installation guide.

DensDeck® StormX Prime Roof Board Limited Warranty

DensDeck® Stormx Prime Roof Board Submittal

DensDeck® Stormx Prime Roof Board install Guide

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