Georgia-Pacific’s industry-leading innovation, DensDeck Roof Board, redefined roof boards in 1987 by addressing challenges inherent in commercial roofing assemblies.

DensDeck Roof Board has since proven its toughness and versatility, offering fire resistance, strength and dimensional stability. It has been shown to withstand delamination, deterioration, warping and jobsite damage far more effectively than paper-faced gypsum board and other conventional roofing products.

Fire Resistance

Non-Combustible Gypsum Core

  • 0 flame and smoke spread when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 and CAN/ULC-S102.
  • UL Classified for resistance to external fire sources [per ANSI/UL 790 and CAN/ULC-S114].
  • UL Classified for resistance to fires below roof [per ANSI/UL 1256].

Wind Resistance

Board strength and mat to core bond

  • Improves roof’s ability to resist wind.
  • Increases membrane bond strength compared to paper-faced insulation or no coverboard.
  • Improves fastener pull through performance compared to paper-faced insulation or no coverboard.

Puncture Resistance

Rigid board protects membrane and insulation

  • Resists impact from repeated events such as maintenance foot traffic.
  • Helps relieve static pressure caused by the weight of rooftop equipment.
  • Helps defend against dynamic impact from flying debris.

Hail Resistance

Strength of gypsum core with fiberglass mat reinforcement

  • Stands strong against repeated hail strikes.
  • FM classified for Severe Hail (SH)

*Please consult ASTM E136 and ASTM E84 for information concerning the test methods and measures for combustibility and flame spread. For information concerning the UL 790 and UL 1256 classifications for DensDeck® Roof Boards, consult the applicable UL certifications directory.  Please note, however, that the performance of a roof depends on all components used in the roofing assembly and how the components interact.  Passing a fire test in a controlled laboratory setting does not mean that a particular product or system will necessarily provide the same resistance or protection in an actual fire.


Get all the detailed technical information you need to know about DensDeck® Roof Board. You can explore the limited warranty, submittal and the 3-part spec.

DensDeck Roof Boards Tech Guide

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DensDeck Roof Board Limited Warranty

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