Georgia-Pacific DryPly Subfloor Plywood Panels, Water-Resistant Subfloor Sheathing
Georgia-Pacific DryPly Water-Resistant Subfloor Plywood Panels
Water-Resistant Subfloor Sheathing Panels

DryPly® Plywood Sturd-I-Floor

  • Water-repellent coating helps provide weather protection during the construction cycle
  • Helps reduce water absorption by up to 40% during the normal construction cycle compared to uncoated plywood
  • Backed by a lifetime limited homeowner warranty
Moisture protection taken to the next level.

DryPly® plywood Sturd-I-Floor® panels feature a water-repellent coating that provides excellent weather protection during construction. In fact, the coating on this tried and tested sub-floor helps reduce water absorption by up to 40%. There’s no better way to protect your sub-floor, reduce time-consuming sanding and minimize callbacks. Our lifetime limited warranty says it all.

Durable Plytanium® sub-floor panels

Water-repellent coating

Single layer flooring panel for use under carpet and pad and other approved floor coverings


Available Sizes (Sized for 4’ x 8’)
Square Edge

3’-11 7⁄8” (1.216 m) x 7’-11 7⁄8” (2.435 m)

Tongue & Groove

3’-11 1⁄2” (1.206 m) x 7’-11 7⁄8” (2.435 m)

Building Code Performance Categories, Panel Thickness
19/32 CAT

0.578” (14.68 mm)

23/32 CAT

0.703” (17.85 mm)

Length/Width Tolerance

+0, -1⁄16” (+0, -1.6 mm)

Straightness Tolerance

±1⁄16” (±1.6 mm)

Squareness Tolerance

± 1/8” (± 3.2 mm)

Primary Species

Southern Yellow Pine

Water Repellent Coating

Wax emulsion based surface sealer

Testing Agency

APA® – The Engineered Wood Association


Exposure 1 : Plywood suitable for uses not permanently exposed to the weather. Panels classified as Exposure 1 are intended to resist the effects of moisture on structural performance as may occur due to construction delays, or other conditions of similar severity.

Code Fire Classification

Class III or C

Flame Spread Rating

76-200, smoke developed index <450

Building Code Compliance

PS 1-09

SFI Certified


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