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Continue the building envelope with confidence, combining the protection of Denselement® Barrier System with Densdefy™ Products.

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DensGlass® Sheathing disrupted the way commercial buildings are designed over 30 years ago, and now DensElement® Barrier System continues that legacy of innovation by integrating 3 products in one: gypsum sheathing, water-resistive barrier and air barrier.  AquaKor™ Technology creates the WRB-AB within by integrating the fiberglass mat and gypsum core to form a monolithic, hydrophobic surface that blocks bulk water but allows vapor to pass through, eliminating the need for a separate WRB-AB.

DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier adheres to most common construction surfaces such as CMU, concrete, glass mat gypsum sheathing, OSB and plywood, and galvanized steel and wood framing, and is compatible with a wide range of sealants and waterproofing or air barrier components.  These systems and products work together to help protect against water intrusion and mitigate the risk of unwanted air movement.

DensDefy™ Accessories
DensDefy™ Accessories

DensDefy™ Accessories

DensDefy® Liquid Flashing

A detailing compound that protects wall rough openings, penetrations, sheathing fasteners and seams. It eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape and reduces installation time.

  • Waterproofing, adhesive and detailing compound made with STP Technology<...Learn More
DensDefy Transition MembraneDensDefy® Transition Membrane

An impermeable, self-adhered sheet designed for use as a rough-opening flashing and transition membrane for connecting dissimilar materials to maintain air and moisture barrier continuity.

  • 25-mil composite impermeable membrane
  • Comprised of 16 mi...Learn More
DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier
  • Provides a highly durable, monolithic , elastomeric water-resistive barrier
  • May be applied in temperatures as low as 25ºF and cures in temperatures as low as 32ºF
  • Vapor permeable, allowing damp surfaces to dry
  • Fas...Learn More