Saving Building Owners Time and Money without Compromise

It was 1913, a monumental year. It was the year Henry Ford revolutionized the manufacture of automobiles by rethinking how a car could be made. His disruptive innovation transformed a 12 hour process into 2 hours and 30 minutes. A remarkable advancement arriving at the perfect time in America.

Applying Ford’s thinking, how can the building products industry respond similarly? Let’s look at the current state of construction. We have a recovering economy bringing new commercial projects to market but we also have a labor force diminished by the recession of 2008. Skilled labor is in high demand and building owners are feeling the pinch.

Georgia-Pacific saw an opportunity to apply Ford’s style of ingenuity in sheathing for the building envelope. They integrated the WRB-AB within the gypsum core beneath the fiberglass mat in a patent-pending innovation. It eliminates the need for building wrap, fluid membranes or peel and stick membranes. It’s called AquaKOR technology and it’s only available in the DensElement Barrier System.  With its high permeability, the system helps mitigate the risk of damage from moisture build-up in the wall cavity and helps protect against mold growth. DensElement is ABAA listed and it passed the WRB-AB as a substrate in exterior sheathing and finish systems for EIFS.

Recognizing the DensElement innovation, ARCOM has created a custom MasterSpec® specification to accurately specify it – 061600 Air and Water Resistive Sheathing Board. Now, you can precisely specify the DensElement Barrier System. It has a broad use of applications including brick, metal panels, EIFs, and rainscreen. This new specification provides the perfect catalyst for updating the office master.

With DensElement, the amount of time needed to install sheathing is reduced – saving time and money. But that isn’t the only improvement your clients will appreciate.  A wider array of tradespeople can install it increasing the labor pool significantly. DensElement installs exactly like standard fiberglass mat gypsum sheathing. No re-training is required. It’s a process subs already know. They simply seal seams, fasteners, penetrations, corners, openings and transitions using PROSOCO FastFlash® liquid flashing and a putty knife to complete the DensElement install. It completely eliminates an additional water-resistive barrier over the face of the sheathing. With one less product to apply, the job can get done more quickly. With more tradespeople able to install it, job completion time can be reduced.

DensElement Barrier System has been installed on over 200 projects since its launch just over a year ago. From Puget Sound Energy’s new Service Center in Bellingham, Washington to the new Homewood Suites in Lansing, Michigan – progressive architects, building owners and general contractors are choosing DensElement Barrier System to help save time and money.  And why wouldn’t they? Scientifically enhanced, and tested for performance, the DensElement Barrier System combines the trusted performance of the highly recognizable GOLD Dens® brand with new AquaKOR Technology to transform the building envelope.

First there was the industrial revolution. Can you imagine going back to building a car for the masses in a non-automated assembly line? Now there is the envelope revolution. Can you imagine continuing to take longer to install sheathing, use specialized subs and keep an additional step and product in the process? Neither can we. DensElement Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific. It’s bringing a remarkable advancement in sheathing, arriving at the perfect time in America.