ForceField® Weather Barrier System Goes Head-to-Head with House Wrap in Installation

Your go-to method for keeping homes and buildings dry during construction has long been standard oriented strand board (OSB) followed by building wrap (also known as house wrap in residential construction).

But as the industry evolves and building science advances, another method has been outshining building wrap: sheathing panels with an air- and water-resistive barrier built in.

ForceField® Weather Barrier System is Georgia-Pacific’s house wrap alternative that helps protect your homes against air and water intrusion. It’s an integrated weather-resistive barrier (WRB) sheathing system so it can be even faster and easier for your crew to apply than house wrap, which translates to labor savings for you.

How much could you save on time and labor? See for yourself.

In the video below, you can watch a time-lapse from Home Innovation Research Labs in which they show you side-by-side ForceField® Weather Barrier System installation time compared to the time it takes to install standard OSB and house wrap. Take a look.

ForceField® Weather Barrier System Installation Time vs. OSB and House Wrap Installation Time
As you can see, it took their team nearly 18 hours to install traditional OSB and house wrap, while it took them under 14 hours to install ForceField® Weather Barrier System. That means your crew could install ForceField® Weather Barrier System at least 20% faster than traditional methods.

Keep in mind this test was performed in a controlled setting, so everything went smoothly. We know that’s not always the case for you in a real construction setting, so your results are subject to change. Their crew didn’t face the same challenges and potential delays that you do. Aside from installation, you may confront crew shortages, supply delays, and the high winds and rain that are a natural part of working in the elements.

Let’s dive deeper into how the streamlined installation and other advantages of ForceField® Weather Barrier System can help you see labor and time savings while staying tough against air and water intrusion.

Streamlined Installation Time and Process
Installing traditional building or house wrap involves several steps. First, you must measure, cut and install OSB. Then, you need to take another trip around the structure where you measure, cut, fit and seal—this time with building wrap. All of that is time-consuming and labor-intensive. On the other hand, building wrap alternative ForceField® Weather Barrier System offers a seamless installation process.

Its integrated design eliminates the need for multiple layers, reducing the number of trips your crew needs to take around the building. With ForceField® Weather Barrier System, contractors can simply fasten the sheathing to the structure, tape the joints and seams, and move on to the next phase of construction.

ForceField Time Motion Study Image 1

Enhancing Energy Efficiency
Air tightness is mandated by building code and can contribute to the home’s energy efficiency, a top priority for your clients. ForceField® Weather Barrier System delivers on both fronts, keeping you within regulations while making your clients happy with the benefits of modern construction.

In addition to testing ease and speed of installation, Home Innovation Research Labs performed blower door testing of ForceField® Weather Barrier System compared to OSB and building wrap. The results showed that ForceField® Weather Barrier System is a more airtight system than traditional methods1.

As an air barrier, ForceField® Weather Barrier System reduces unwanted air movement. This advantage reduces energy leakage, thereby decreasing the workload on heating and cooling systems. It not only lowers utility costs for homeowners but also contributes to a more sustainably built environment by reducing energy consumption long after construction is completed.

Versatility in Roof and Wall Sheathing
The video you watched above shows the crews installing ForceField® Weather Barrier System alongside OSB and building wrap only on the structure’s walls to keep the test fair. But ForceField® Weather Barrier System has an additional time-saving surprise up its sleeve.

The system can be installed as roof sheathing as well as wall sheathing. This versatility means you can protect the entire structure in one installation process. There’s no switching between materials. No extra trips around the building. And no trades waiting for installers to finish or retouch any rips and tears in the building wrap.

This streamlined process means you see significant time savings, which allows you to complete projects faster and more efficiently.

ForceField Time Motion Study Image 2

Enhanced Durability and Protection
As an integrated WRB sheathing system, ForceField® Weather Barrier System not only speeds up installation but also provides superior protection against the elements. Unlike traditional building wrap, which can tear in high winds and leave your building materials vulnerable to airflow and moisture, ForceField® Weather Barrier System is engineered for durability.

Its robust construction ensures easier installation on the front end and long-lasting performance, safeguarding your building envelope from moisture intrusion, air leakage and other potential threats. By fortifying the defenses of your homes and structures, ForceField® Weather Barrier System helps maintain indoor comfort, enhance structural integrity and improve overall longevity.

ForceField Time Motion Study Image 3

Code Compliance and Certification
You don’t have to worry about compliance and regulatory requirements with ForceField® Weather Barrier System. The integrated WRB meets stringent building codes and standards. By using ForceField® Weather Barrier System, you can rest assured that your projects adhere to industry best practices and are certified for quality and performance.

This level of compliance simplifies the construction process for you and provides peace of mind to your clients: the building owners or homeowners. You can let them know their investment is built to last and will operate efficiently for years to come—advantages that will have them seeing additional savings while experiencing the value and quality in your construction.

Get the System That’s Better Than the Best House Wrap
To find out more about the system’s components, including ForceField® Panels and accessories like ForceField® Premium Tape, head here. Or, you can talk with one of our product experts directly about your needs for an upcoming project.

1 Home Innovation Research Labs, Blower Door Testing of GP ForceField® and OSB/Housewrap Systems, Dec. 2023.