Make mold and moisture our problem. Not yours.

Get superior gypsum protection— with the service and support to back it up— from the one company building and design professionals have trusted for more than 35 years.

You may think that all gypsum products are about the same. But ours have something you can’t find anywhere else—the Georgia-Pacific name.

Interior Solutions

Fiberglass gypsum panels for flat or curved structures in high-traffic areas and commercial installations. Fiberglass mats, instead of paper facings, eliminate a potential food source for mold growth. Ideal for areas prone to high humidity such as basements and areas with high-volume foot traffic such as hospitals and schools.


1-inch-thick fiberglass mat gypsum panels used in UL fire-rated shaftwalls, stairwells and separation wall assemblies in addition to horizontal shaftwalls and duct assemblies. They’re non-combustible, dimensionally stable and moisture resistant.


The first backer board engineered with a built-in moisture barrier to prevent damage to the sub-floor or wall cavity. Cuts and installs like drywall without special tools or fasteners. Can be used for ceramic tile underlayment including bathroom remodeling, pool areas and other high-humidity areas.


Why stop at interiors? Keep your exteriors and roof assemblies safe, stable and secure with the Dens® Suite of Fiberglass Mat Gypsum Products for every application.


Exterior Solutions

The #1 architecturally specified fiberglass mat gypsum sheathing. A preferred substrate under brick, stone, stucco, siding and EIFS. Helps add performance and durability to a wide range of fire-rated and non-fire-rated building assemblies.


An integrated water-resistive barrier and air barrier (WRB/AB) used behind many of today’s top cladding choices. Can be installed in all weather conditions for faster dry-in with fewer installation risks.


Roofing Solutions

Georgia-Pacific redefined roof boards in 1987 with DensDeck® Roof Board. This innovative cover board provides stronger puncture protection and is non-combustible as a result of its gypsum core. Since 1987, Georgia-Pacific has continued innovating industry-leading high-performance roof boards.


Building on the legacy of DensDeck Roof Board, DensDeck® Prime Roof Board offers even more strength with enhanced moisture resistance for adhered roofing assemblies.


With enhanced hail, wind and puncture resistance that defies the most extreme weather, DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof board is FM Classified for very severe hail (VSH) in approved single-ply membrane assemblies.


Only Georgia-Pacific gives you:

Product availability
Get what you need delivered to your jobsite quickly and on time, so you stay on schedule without holding up other trades.

Guaranteed compatibility
From sheathing to shaftliners and more, you can source all your gypsum solutions from a single company—under a single warranty.

Technical support
From project conception to completion, we’re there for you whenever you need us. And no waiting hours for calls back.

Georgia-Pacific pioneered fiberglass mat gypsum technology—and we’ve always backed it up with the service and support you need to stay on schedule. So why would you choose anything else?

Explore the Dens® Suite of Gypsum Products for your next build.

Choose the gypsum building products that give you everything you need for a successful, on-time build. Choose Dens® Suite of Gypsum Products from Georgia-Pacific.