DensArmor Plus Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Interior Panels
DensArmor Plus Moisture-Resistant Interior Gypsum Panels
DensArmor Plus Moisture-Resistant Interior Gypsum Drywall Panels
Georgia-Pacific Dens Plus Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Drywall Panels

DensArmor Plus® Interior Panels

  • Interior panels that consist of a moisture-resistant gypsum core with coated fiberglass mats
  • Resists the growth of mold, and have scored a 10, the highest level of performance for mold resistance under ASTM D3273 test method*
  • The treated core and the coated facings made with fiberglass offer greater moisture resistance and improved dimensional stability than regular gypsum board.
  • The product resists warping, rippling and buckling
A mold-resistant interior gypsum wallboard.

DensArmor Plus® Interior Panels, which feature fiberglass mats instead of the paper facings used on the surface of traditional gypsum board products, resist mold growth.  They’re ideal for areas prone to high humidity such as basements and residential bathrooms, and are ideal for commercial pre-rock installations.1 They are designed for direct attachment with screws or nails to wood and metal framing or existing surfaces. They may be used as a covering material for flat or curved structures. Dens® Solutions are industry trusted, high-performing fiberglass mat gypsum panels suitable for your wall, roof, ceiling and floor projects. Dens Solutions carry the mark of our valued heritage in Gold, as a visible standard-bearer of our position as the first manufacturer to create a fiberglass mat board and as a relentless innovator of strength and moisture resistant products for over 30 years. Dens Solutions answer building challenges with ingenuity.

1When tested as manufactured in accordance with ASTM D3273, DensArmor Plus Interior Panels have scored a 10, the highest level of performance for mold resistance under the ASTM D3273 test method, a testing method set by ASTM International, which develops testing guidelines and procedures for building materials, products, systems and services. The score of 10 in the ASTM D3273 test indicates no mold growth in a 4-week controlled laboratory test. In addition, the mold resistance of DensArmor Plus Interior Panels have been validated by UL Environment and listed in its Sustainable Product Guide utilizing microbial resistant testing based on ASTM Standard D6329-98. The mold resistance of any building product when used in actual job site conditions may not produce the same results as were achieved in the controlled, laboratory setting. No material can be considered mold proof. When properly used with good design, handling and construction practices, DensArmor Plus Interior Panels provide increased mold resistance compared to standard paper-faced gypsum products. For additional information, visit our Product Fire, Safety and Use Information page.

Moisture Resistance

Greater moisture resistance due to glass-mat facing

Special Applications

Ideal for specialty commercial pre-rock installations


Physical Properties

nominal: 1/2″ (12.7 mm) ± 1/64″ (0.4 mm)


standard: 4′ (1219 mm) ± 3/32″ (2.4 mm)


standard: 8′ (2438 mm) to 12′ (3658 mm) ± 1/4″ (6.4 mm)


lbs/sq. ft. nominal (kg/m²): 2.0 (9.8)1

R Value

°F•ft2•hr/BTU (m2•K/W): 0.56 est. (0.099)2

Humidified Deflection

≤2/8″ (6.4 mm)3

1Represents approximate weight for design and shipping purposes. Actual weight may vary depending on manufacturing location and other factors. 2Tested in accordance with ASTM C518 3Tested in accordance with ASTM C473

UL Greenguard Gold GreenUL Greenguard Gold ValidatedCE Mark

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