Install ForceField® Weather Barrier System on your next job to protect your structures, your timelines, and your reputation.

ForceField Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific is an integrated WRB sheathing system designed for walls and sloped roofs on residential and multifamily structures.

Tough against air and
water intrusion
Versatility in
one system
Materials when and
where you need them
Technical support at
every step
limited warranty


Tough against air and water intrusion

This high-performance sheathing system helps achieve a continuous building envelope, helping reduce the risk of water damage and minimize air leakage across the structure. The system starts with engineered-wood sheathing panels with an enhanced overlay. Then, advanced accessories treat joints and seams for further protection.

Versatility in one system

This integrated WRB system can be used on sloped roofs and walls across your wood-framed structures. It can be installed on single-family homes and on multifamily projects up to five stories high to help strengthen buildings.

Getting to the next critical path

Simplified construction

ForceField® Weather Barrier System can help eliminate the steps of applying house wrap and roof underlayment, reducing the worry that materials could tear or blow off. Plus, the system can be applied by just one installer, which may reduce the number of trade professionals needed on a jobsite and increase the efficiency of your crew.

Faster dry-in

This weather-resistive barrier starts protecting your building as soon as the system is installed, allowing your crew to dry-
in the entire structure faster. That way, other trades can get in sooner, start working right away and stay dry—all to help you
stay on critical path.


"Because of what’s going on in the world with COVID and supply chains, if something got hung up, we wanted a product we could dry-in the quickest way. We looked at ForceField® Weather Barrier System. We could get the products. We had it shipped by train and unloaded it into a warehouse. We had it where it was waiting on us, we weren’t waiting on it. That all came together seamlessly. It was a great experience."

- Barry Vyvlecka
Project Executive at Stewart Development

Materials when and where you need them

Builders experience fewer delays and supply-chain issues with Georgia-Pacific compared to other manufacturers. That’s because we have materials in stock and ready to be delivered to your jobsite. You have enough delays to deal with—waiting around for product doesn’t have to be one of them.

Technical support at every step

Rather than leave you to figure out a new system on your own, Georgia-Pacific provides technical support through your projects. A dedicated product specialist can work with your team during the design and mock-up phases, offer step-by-step installation instructions and training, and be available over the phone or on-site whenever you have questions.

10-year limited warranty

In our commitment to quality, durable building products, ForceField® Weather Barrier System is backed by a limited, transferable warranty from Georgia-Pacific. All ForceField Panels and Accessories that are a part of the original building envelope are covered under a limited, transferable warranty.


Put our product experts to work for you. Let us know whether you would like to talk through your project needs, get a demo of ForceField® Weather Barrier System, get a free sample or buy system products now for your jobsite. We’re here to help.

“We’ve got a field staff that can be out on-site to help with training and help with questions that their installers have on how to put up the product and what’s the best way to detail a window. Our strength is in making sure that service is always above and beyond for the customers.”

- Adam Hermansen
Director of Field Sales at Georgia-Pacific