Make the Move to an Integrated Weather Barrier

Whether moving to a new state, switching from your favorite cereal, or finally migrating your construction management to a digital software, change at any scale can be hard. But what’s the alternative: losing work to the competition because you’re too set in your ways to innovate with the times?

In our profession, our careers live and die by our reputations, which makes taking a chance on something new questionable when it seems like the tried and true works just fine. But what happens when the definition of fine changes as innovation occurs? If something could work better and speed up the construction process, saving time and money, would you embrace it?

As multifamily project development gets more competitive, sustaining ongoing work will become increasingly dependent on your business acumen. More builders are revising their approach by finding new ways to reduce and control operational cost in order to improve their opportunities for longevity and success. Efficiency is the mantra of the new decade.

When looking to give your business a competitive advantage, there’s one very easy improvement you can make to immediately reduce materials cost, installation time, and labor pay: improve the envelope assembly.

For years, traditional OSB and building wrap has been multifamily construction’s go-to weatherproofing solution to keep out water and air. But by switching to an engineered wood panel sheathing with an integrated weather barrier, you can make building wrap installation (with its extra labor and materials) a relic of the past. Making the switch to integrated OSB also reduces material waste, an environmentally friendly aspect that today’s buyers love. And with the time saved, you can also tout a faster dry-in and overall project completion date.

With 30+ years of industry-leading product innovation, Georgia-Pacific’s wood sheathing simplifies wood frame construction beyond the competition. Our ForceField® Air and Water Barrier System installs just like regular OSB or plywood, and is backed by a Georgia-Pacific limited warranty.

Learn more about how making the move to an integrated OSB sheathing can help set you apart in the competitive multifamily market at