Georgia-Pacific TemStock Particleboard

TemStock FREE® Particleboard

TemStock FREETM Particleboard

  • Meets Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Standard, the most stringent environmental certification program available for composite panel products.
  • Delivers a strong combination of green-building benefits that can help earn points in LEED®, NAHB Green Building and Green Globes rating systems.
  • Performance equal to TemStock S
No added formaldehyde? No problem.

TemStock FREETM Particleboard offers designers, specifiers and manufacturers particleboard with no added formaldehyde resins. You like easy? TemStock particleboard solutions are value engineered to easily meet customer design challenges on the production line and in a range of end-use applications.

Wall panels, home and office furniture, flooring, cabinets and architectural accents in “green-sensitive” projects like hospitals, schools and civic facilities.

Complies with California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 formaldehyde emission standards.


3/8” –  1-1/8”
Panel Sizes
4’ x 24’, countertops and shelving available
Press Sizes
4’ x 24’,  9’ x 25’
Physical Properties
Averages (1,2)
3/8” to 1/2”           >1/2” to <1”          > 1”
MOR-Modulus of Rupture (psi)
     1885                        1885                 1885
MOE-Modulus of Elasticity (kpsi)
     290 .1                      290.1                290.1
IB-Internal Bond (psi)
       90                             80                     75
Face Screw Holding Capacity (lbs)
      202                           202                   202
Edge Screw Holding Capacity (lbs)
       NA                           1803                  180
  1. ≥ M-2
  2. One-panel minimum average (ASTM D1037 / ANSI A208.1-2009)
  3. Not applicable for thinner than 5/8″
Length & Width
± 1/16”
< 1/8”
± 1/64” per 2 ft. of length
Thickness (within panel)
± 0.004”
Thickness (panel to panel)
± 0.004”
ECC Eco-Certified Sustainable Use of Wood Fiber
FSC Certified Building Products


This particleboard contains low fuming urea formaldehyde resin and may release formaldehyde vapors in low concentrations. Formaldehyde vapors can be potentially irritating to the eyes and upper respiratory system. Should irritation develop, consult your physician.