Plytanium Sanded Plywood Sheets
Georgia-Pacific Plytanium Plywood Sheathing

Plytanium® Plywood Sanded Panels

  • Smooth, sanded panel for use in interior and exterior applications, such as cabinets, shelving, furniture, porch ceilings and soffits
  • Ideal project panel due to smooth, sanded face and attractive appearance when painted
  • Simple to cut and fasten
Simply put, the perfect project panel

Lightweight yet strong, Plytanium® sanded project panels are durable, attractive and ideal for many interior and exterior home construction applications – from furniture and shelving to porch ceilings and soffits. Manufactured to maximize strength and minimize sagging over time, these popular panels help make every project proud.

Versatility for multiple applications

Attractive appearance when painted

Interior and exterior applications, such as cabinets, shelving, furniture, porch ceilings and soffits; ideal project panel


Available Types & Sizes (Sized for 4’x8’)
Length (minimum)

7’-11 7/8” (2.435 m)

Width (minimum)

3’-11 7/8” (1.216 m)

Building Code Performance Categories, Panel Thickness
1/4 CAT

0.234” (5.94 mm)

11/32 CAT

0.328” (8.33 mm)

15/32 CAT

0.453” (11.50 mm)

19/32 CAT

0.578” (14.68 mm)

23/32 CAT

0.703” (17.85 mm)

Length/Width Tolerance

+0, -1/16” (+0, -1.6 mm), based on 4’ or 8’ value

Straightness Tolerance

± 1/16” (± 1.6 mm)

Squareness Tolerance

± 1/8” (± 3.2 mm)

Primary Species

Southern Yellow Pine

Testing Agency

APA – The Engineered Wood Association


Exterior – Plywood suitable for repeated wetting and redrying or long-term exposure to weather and other conditions of similar severity.

Code Fire Classification

Class III or C

Flame Spread Rating

75-200, smoke developed index <450

Building Code Compliance

PS 1-09

SFI Certified


Safety Data Sheets

Product FAQs

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