Georgia-Pacific Ply Frame Furniture Panels
Georgia-Pacific PlyFrame Furniture Plywood Panels
Georgia-Pacific PlyFrame Plywood Panels

PlyFrame® Panels

Ideally suited for upholstered furniture framing

Panels available in soft hardwood (poplar/gum) or Southern Yellow Pine construction

Tighter core gap restrictions ensure excellent frame quality

The foundation every piece of furniture wants.

Made from soft hardwoods (Poplar/Gum) or Southern Yellow Pine, these durable, APA-rated Plytanium PlyFrame panels provide a quality, easy-to-work-with material. Special core construction is designed to limit core gaps to 1/2″ or less to improve the quality of your product line – and custom inner plies with two or three-piece centers grip screws securely for added strength. The consistent quality of these solid panels reduces waste and allows maximum utilization of each panel.

Panel constructions are available with parallel center plies for better screw-holding ability.

Tighter core gap restrictions ensure excellent frame quality.


Available Size
Square Edge

4’ x 8’

Building Code Performance Categories, Panel Thickness
3/4 CAT

0.734” (18.64 mm)

13/16 CAT

0.788” (20.01 mm)

7/8 CAT

0.849” (21.56 mm)

Length/Width Tolerance

+0, -1/16” (+0, -1.6 mm)

Straightness Tolerance

± 1/16” (± 1.6 mm)

Squareness Tolerance

± 1/8” (± 3.2 mm)

Thickness Tolerance

± 1/32” (± 0.8 mm)

Primary Species

Poplar, gum or pine


C/C unsanded grade


Patches or repairs allowed as per grade standard

Testing/Grading Agency

APA – The Engineered Wood Association


Exposure 1 : Plywood suitable for uses not permanently exposed to the weather. Panels classified as Exposure 1 are intended to resist the effects of moisture on structural performance as may occur due to construction delays, or other conditions of similar severity.

Code Fire Classification

Class III or C

Flame Spread Rating

76-200, smoke developed index <450

Manufacturing Standard

PS 1-09 or PS 2-10 (custom specification V-190, V-191, V-197)

Formaldehyde Emissions

Plytanium plywood contains no added urea formaldehyde resins. PS 1 and PS 2 structural panels are exempt from testing by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in the Composite Wood Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) and phenolic bonded structural panels are exempt from testing or monitoring by HUD in the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.


Safety Data Sheets

Product FAQs

What does the stamp on my plywood panel mean?

On every Georgia-Pacific sheathing panel you should be able to find an APA grade stamp. This stamp is your assurance that the product is manufactured in accordance with the APA’s rigorous program of quality inspection and testing. The grade stamp on a panel also tells you a lot about the panel – the span rating, exposure rating, panel thickness and the building code approval the panel meets.

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