ForceField® Seam Tape Plus

A high-quality, pressure-sensitive seam tape.  It is recommended for treating wall joints and helps contribute to the continuity of the air and moisture barrier.

Product Details

  • Seals wall seams and joints against air and moisture infiltration
  • Proprietary adhesive technology on a high-performance polypropylene film
  • Thin and easy to work with, yet durable and strong
  • Offers excellent tear and impact resistance
  • Can be used to treat seams, penetrations and transitions to flashing or flanges
  • UV and weather-resistant, and may be applied in temperatures as low as 20°F
  • Over 600% elongation, per ASTM D1970, allowing for movement

Product Size and Packaging

  • Roll Size: 3.5” wide x 90’ long
  • Thickness: Minimum 0.006”
  • Packaging: 12 rolls per case

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