ForceField® Engineered Wood Sheathing Panels

  • Install like standard OSB or plywood sheathing
  • Made with DryGuard® Technology and an advanced overlay
  • Exceptional drainage capability
  • Work with accessories for a smarter sheathing system that keeps builds tight, dry and energy efficient
  • Ideal for residential, multi-family and light commercial construction
  • Available in three lengths to help installation move quickly
  • Meets Exposure 1 – OSB suitable for uses not permanently exposed to the weather
ForceField® Panels

ForceField® Panels are at the core of the ForceField Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific. Keep water out with this innovative 3-in-1 solution that consists of structural sheathing, moisture-resistant resins with DryGuard® Technology and an enhanced overlay.

3-in-1 Solution
3-in-1 solution consisting of structural sheathing, moisture-resistant resins and an enhanced overlay
Easy Installation
Panels install like standard OSB or plywood. The system starts protecting your structure the moment it’s up and reduces the number of trades needed on the jobsite.


Physical Properties
Panel Exposure Durability Classification

DOC PS 2, Exposure 1

Panel Grade

DOC PS 2, 7/16 CAT

Water Resistive Barrier

ICC ES AC 310, Meets/exceed requirements

Surface Bond of Overlay to Panel ASTM

D5651, >16psi

Water Penetration

ASTM E331, Pass

Water Vapor Transmission

ASTM E96 (Water Method), 2.8 perms

Air Permeance of Assembly

ASTM E 2357, .0009 cfm/ft2@75 pa

Surface Burning Characteristics

ASTM E84, Meets Class III