Tulsa, OK


Component Quantities: Type of Building: Custom Home

Location: Grand Lake – near Tulsa, OK

Component Quantities: 10.24 MSF of ForceField® Panels
Key Companies:
General Contractor: Builder:
Scissortail Building Supply

Constructing a Gorgeous Getaway on the Lake
What makes a perfect lakeside retreat? For some, it’s the soothing sound of water lapping at the shore. Others delight in the crisp air blowing inland that begs for afternoon napping. For Kory Klein, owner and COO of Scissortail Building Supply, he wanted a relaxing home away from home that would also hold strong against the shoreline elements, so future generations could enjoy it long after the final nail was driven.

Kory’s vision was to build a waterfront stunner on Grand Lake, situated in Northeast Oklahoma in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. And while he wanted the build done quickly, Kory wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality for efficiency. So, when evaluating the exterior building materials, he knew that Georgia-Pacific’s ForceField® Weather Barrier System was the best choice to not only combat the elements, but also to streamline the sheathing process.

"Thunderstorms are going to happen, but if we can use a product that can mitigate the water coming in during the process, it’s going to help us down the road."
‒Kory Klein, Owner and COO of Scissortail Building Supply

Tapping Into a Trusted Partnership
Kory’s business, Scissortail Building Supply, purchases materials from OEMs and mills and distributes them directly to job sites. The company’s main focus is to deliver stellar service and build a strong connection with each customer. That’s why Kory is as interested in the quality of his relationships as he is in the quality of his work.

For years, Kory has been partnering with Georgia-Pacific because they value customer care as much as he does. Although Kory has worked with similar companies, none have been as reliable in terms of supply, communication and hands-on field support.

Kory chose the ForceField® Weather Barrier System after experiencing on his past projects the high-quality and dedicated support team that comes with any Georgia-Pacific product. He also wanted to take advantage of the cost- and time-saving benefits that ForceField Weather Barrier System offers. The integrated sheathing system minimizes installation steps and cuts labor needs—saving both time and money. Plus, with its expansion to roof application, the system works hand-in-hand with other Georgia-Pacific products to create a strong and durable WRB/AB to protect the entire structure.

Kory used ForceField® Panels on both the walls and roof of his new home to prevent water and air intrusion. The system’s versatility and high performance helped to streamline his schedule because there was no need for house wrap or roof underlayment.

Enjoying the Perks of a One-Stop Shop
For Kory and his business, it’s Georgia-Pacific’s wide range of mill locations and field presence that make for such a great partnership. He feels confident supplying Georgia-Pacific products knowing that experts can be onsite to help with mock wall installations, go through processes with framers, check that products are being stored and installed correctly, and so much more. Add in the option to get every panel and tape product with built-in compatibility from one manufacturer, and his partnership grows even stronger.

Georgia-Pacific’s full suite of compatible products and accessories helps Kory take the guesswork out of determining which products work well together. And, he appreciates the peace of mind in knowing that every product comes with guaranteed quality, dedicated service and a skilled support team.

"From an efficiency standpoint, if something does come up on a job, I have only one phone call to make. However, we haven’t had a claim on any Georgia-Pacific product since we’ve been using them."
‒Kory Klein, Owner and COO of Scissortail Building Supply
"For us, Georgia-Pacific has been on the forefront of customer service compared to some competitors"
‒Kory Klein, Owner and COO of Scissortail Building Supply

As the owner of a building supply company, Kory is no stranger to the quality and efficiency that Georgia-Pacific brings to every project. This was reinforced by his own high demands and tight deadlines associated with the construction of his vacation home. ForceField Weather Barrier System helped simplify the sheathing process so he could shave time off of his overall schedule. Now that his lake house is complete, Kory and his family can enjoy an escape from the real world where, for once, time can slow down.