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Acing a School Renovation: Finding Compatible Materials Against Water Intrusion

Working with unfamiliar products can make any contractor feel uneasy. But when general contractor Bartlett Cocke discovered the material they planned on using couldn’t make the grade, they turned to their Georgia-Pacific field sales manager to help them find a product compatible with DensElement® Barrier System.

The solution was new DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier, which completed the water-resistive barrier on a 1950s elementary school. Their Georgia-Pacific rep was on call and onsite to collaborate and get the crew comfortable with installation techniques. Working as one system, DensElement Barrier System and DensDefy Liquid Barrier received top marks from everyone on the project.

Building Envelope Consultant: Engineered Exteriors
General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke
Sub-Contractors: Lasco Acoustics & Drywall, Division 7 Waterproofing
Building type: Education
Location: Austin, TX
70,000 sq. ft. DensElement® Sheathing
15,000 sq. ft. DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier
30 subcontractors
Average of 100 men onsite per day

Ryan Rios was up against a compatibility issue when trying to pair another product with DensElement® Barrier System. So, he reached out to Georgia-Pacific’s technical support team, who not only had a solution with DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier but showed up onsite to make sure the entire team was comfortable with the product with no downtime.

We were able to secure the product, get it ordered, and make sure it was here on time to keep us on schedule.

Ryan Rios – Project Manager, Bartlett CockE

Darren Clayton and his team had never used DensElement® Barrier System before. But their collaboration with Georgia-Pacific on the mock-up laid the foundation for a positive experience. And once they got going, they found there was nothing to be nervous about.

No concerns. The information that we get from [Georgia-Pacific] to help us out along the way, has been instrumental for our success.

Darren Clayton – Lasco Acoustics & Drywall

Zane Trayler wanted efficiency without sacrificing precision. And DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier delivered with complete coverage and no pinholes—all in less time than he expected.

It actually went a little bit faster than what we thought it might.

Zane Trayler – Division 7 Waterproofing

Jennifer Doyle knew this was a complex project with several different substrates. So, after asking the contractor to arrange a fluid adhesion test between DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier and a competing product, Georgia-Pacific was the clear winner. Add in the peace of mind of single-warranty ownership from one manufacturer, and she was sold.

Looking at the warranty, looking at field conditions and looking at the product itself, it looked like a great move for this project.

Jennifer Doyle – Principal, Engineered Exteriors, LLC

Being able to provide one solution—specifically around the warranty—that’s the value we try to create for our customers.

Jay Metcalf – Field Sales Manager, Georgia-Pacific

DensElement® Barrier System with DensDefy™ Products is your high-performance solution for a better building envelope. You can’t afford building products that compromise the speed or the quality of your job. From system compatibility to onsite technical support to single-warranty protection, DensElement Barrier System with DensDefy Products is the WRB/AB system you can count on from the company as strong as you.