Acing a School Renovation: Finding Compatible Materials Against Water Intrusion


Key Companies:
General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke Roofing Contractor: Building Envelope Consultant:
Engineered Exteriors
Sub-Contractor: Lasco Acoustics & Drywall, Division 7 Waterproofing

Working with unfamiliar products can make any contractor feel uneasy. But when general contractor Bartlett Cocke discovered the material they planned on using couldn’t make the grade, they turned to their Georgia-Pacific field sales manager to help them find a product that would be compatible with DensElement® Barrier System.

The solution was the new DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier, which completed the water-resistive barrier in the modern renovation of this 1950s elementary school outside of Austin, Texas. Knowing the crew was unfamiliar with the new product, their Georgia-Pacific rep was on call and onsite to answer questions, collaborate on the mockup, offer tips and tricks, and be a part of the process at every step. This support made it easy for the crew to learn installation techniques and gave them a new comfort level that meant quick installation and continuity of their integrated WRB Sheathing system and the block wall structures on the project.

With one system backed by one warranty from Georgia-Pacific, DensElement Barrier System and DensDefy Liquid Barrier received top marks from everyone on the project.