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Building Solutions

Building is changing for the better. With an emphasis on process consolidation, Design Build and Prefabrication are innovating how buildings are built.

The foundation of the design-build process is constructability and design collaboration amongst building owners, architects, and contractors from project inception. Contractors have the advantage of offering input on designs before they’re finished, architects can work with contractors to specify building products that will help ensure the integrity of their final designs, and building owners have a single point of contact during the entire build.

Schedule acceleration enables faster delivery on prefabrication projects, which lowers operating costs and allows the building owner to generate revenue more quickly than traditional construction methods.

With over 30 years of materials innovation and application insight and experience, Georgia-Pacific is also helping evolve envelope construction. In the spirit of design-build, DensElement® Barrier System integrates the WRB-AB for time savings. And in prefabrication’s streamlining fashion, we add efficiency from process consolidation. No matter the project approach or project challenge, DensElement Barrier System is accelerating schedules for measurable savings across vertical applications.

"As innovators devise new processes for simplifying, strengthening, and improving the construction industry, Georgia-Pacific continues to expand its product line to match and raise the bar in materials production. DensElement Barrier System® delivers strong advantages for today’s leading building approaches."

Industry Vertical Applications

Solutions for Education

In a community heartened by the opening of its first library in 19241, the good citizens of Des Moines, Washington, opened a stunning new school the following year on the site of their original one-room school building. Just three years later in 1928, 50,000 air flight-enamored residents attended the dedication of the land where Boeing Field would be constructed. But nearly a century later, the community was in dire need of an upgrade for its elementary education offerings. With its Pacific Northwest location and the sheathing work pushing into rainy season, sheathing selection for both weather and sound abatement on the Des Moines Elementary School building project was crucial.

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Especially valuable for the Block 20 Condominium Tower is DensElement® Barrier System’s ability to negate the impact of rainy conditions during installation.

Solutions for Mixed Use & Office

When building in a rainy city like Portland, Oregon, traditional wisdom dictates that the majority of the sheathing work will be done in the brief breaks between showers. But what if you didn’t have to wait for those “sun breaks” to push productivity to the utmost? What if you could confidently continue work in wet conditions? This case study examines the 22-story mixed-use project where DensElement® Barrier System’s unique capabilities enabled the project team to dry-in the building in record time. Learn how DensElement Barrier System accomplished this feat in Oregon’s rain capital. No matter where you build, the insights from this project are applicable to any project fighting wet weather.

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Solutions for Healthcare

Building a Hilton® Homewood Suites in the middle of a Michigan winter is anything but routine. When faced with the task of installing nearly 60,000 square feet of sheathing in arctic conditions, subcontractor Ritsema Associates turned to the DensElement® Barrier System. It’s a story of a contractor finding a newer, better solution to an age-old problem, and it should prove crucial to anyone working in an environment with extreme climate challenges. The team was tasked with installing nearly 60,000 square feet of sheathing between January and March — which would be an aggressive schedule under even the best conditions, and the sub-zero climate of Michigan in the early months of the year is far from “best conditions.” Fortunately, DensElement Barrier System drastically reduced the required amount of work, saving both time and money, and allowing the firm to meet its schedule.

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