Finish Confidently with DensDefy™ Accessories

DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing and DensDefy™ Transition Membrane products complete the DensElement® Barrier System for your diverse building needs. DensDefy Accessories take DensElement’s proprietary moisture management even further, elevating the envelope and ensuring performance compatibility under a single trusted name.

Using DensDefy Accessories with DensElement® Barrier System furthers the time, labor, and cost savings gained by choosing integrated sheathing for your wall assembly. Simplify the installation process with a versatile solution that accommodates today’s most popular cladding choices.



DensDefy Accessories help ensure the continuity of the building envelope’s WRB-AB by preventing bulk water and air leakage at the seams, fasteners, rough openings, and distinct transitions to other surfaces.

"Now, building envelope professionals have a complete, single-source system for peace of mind and assurance that all components are compatible and offer the same high performance. Each DensDefy™ Accessory works with DensElement® Barrier System and the full line and the system are covered by warranties from GP."
‒John Chamberlin, Senior Product Manager, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

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