Strength in Every Roof

High-performance roof boards are built to stand strong against the worst sources of damage.


Empowering the Assembly with Resistance

Since DensDeck® Roof Board redefined roof boards in 1987, Georgia-Pacific’s innovation has continued producing industry-leading high-performance roof boards. EONIC™ Technology has doubled the moisture resistance of DensDeck® Prime Roof Board, and our new DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Boards helps mitigate the forays of extreme weather including severe hail. With enhanced strength and puncture resistance, DensDeck StormX Roof Board is specially designed to meet the key roofing standards requirements for FM Approvals Very Severe Hail (VSH) rating. (Learn more here.)

Fire Resistance
Increased fire resistance beyond regular gypsum board
Hail Resistance
Enhanced resistance to hail
Wind Resistance
Improved wind uplift performance
Special Applications
Specialty application as both cover boards and thermal barriers
"When I hear the word DensDeck® I definitely know we’re going to have a long-lasting roofing system. We’re going to have the protection that we need, and we know that it’s going to hold up and be a superior roofing system."
‒Kevin Froeter, President, Sterling Commercial Roofing

Easy Adhesive Application

DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards and DensDeck® StormX™  Roof Boards provide broader compatibility and higher performance with roofing adhesives. The fiberglass mat face allows adhesives to be applied more uniformly and consistently and results in a stronger bond with the membrane. For fully adhered and self-adhered “peel & stick” roofing systems—as well as hot-mopped, cold mastic and torch-applied modified bitumen roofs—DensDeck® high-performance roof boards provide options that helps reduce the amount of mastic or adhesive and potentially eliminates the field primer. Consult with a membrane manufacturer for actual priming requirements.

Streamlined Installation

DensDeck® roof boards enable contractors to install the cover board layer in the most efficient way—with all joints butted tightly together—and give the building owner, architect, and roofing consultant the peace of mind that expansion issues will not arise as the roof ages. In fully adhered applications, adhesive can flow into the gaps between the boards and wasting adhesive and requiring more product to complete the job, which increases the cost of installation. When wasted adhesive runs into the gaps, it also increases the wait time until the pooled adhesive flashes. Additionally, possible damage to the insulation layer below may occur, as well as the potential for blistering of the membrane above, at board joints, due to trapped solvents. With high-performance DensDeck® Prime and StormX™  roof boards, you have none of these issues.

"As we see new weather patterns, it's become obvious that the industry needs new construction materials to meet the higher demands. That's why Georgia-Pacific created StormX™."
‒Jason Peace, VP Marketing & Product Management


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