Simple, Straight-Forward Installation

Bottom line: Installation is quick and easy.


Efficiency Across the Installation Process

Less Time and Effort
Score, snap, and trim to size
Less Adhesive Needed
Uniform, consistent adhesive application
Easy Installation
No expansion gaps needed to prevent buckling from thermal expansion
Installation Image
"When I hear the word DensDeck®, I know that we’re definitely going to have a long-lasting roofing system. We’re going to have the protection that we need to. We know that it’s going to hold up, and it’s going to be a superior roofing system."
‒Kevin Froeter, Sterling Commercial Roofing

Learn to Install

Installing the DensDeck® Prime and DensDeck® StormX™ Roof Boards takes just 3 easy steps.

  1. Cut: Score and snap to break.
  2. Adhere: Evenly apply adhesive.
  3. Install: Face mat overlaps with the backside of the board for more installation versatility with less adhesive needed, and the board lays smooth for a level finish.
"When it comes down to the quantity of bonding adhesive that we calculated or estimated and the amount we’re using, we’re saving. We’re not going to spend as much on bonding adhesive as we allowed."
‒Rich Gagnon, Schreiber Corporation

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