Next-Level Storm Protection

DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Boards redefine rooftop storm and hail resistance.


Extra Durability Under Extreme Conditions

Since its invention in 1987, DensDeck® Roof Boards continue to set new performance standards for the roof assembly. From DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Board to DensDeck Prime Roof Boards with EONIC™ Technology, a dedication to advancement continues to bring new innovations to a product line with a noble history. DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board builds on that legacy by innovating on impact resistance and strength.

As weather events intensify across the United States, our building roof system design approach and material installation must adapt too. DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Boards help prepare commercial rooftops to hold tough under today’s severe weather conditions. Specify DensDeck StormX Prime cover boards in any situation where you need enhanced impact resistance, but always specify it in very severe hail zones.

When warmer climate leads to atmospheric instability and thunderstorms, a single extreme hailstorm can leave hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and put you out of business for good. With larger, more intense hailstorms comes greater commercial roofing damage and deeper financial losses. DensDeck StormX Prime cover boards help ensure you’ve built in the strongest defense to weather the storm.

DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Boards are supported by a limited warranty from Georgia-Pacific.

DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Boards help today’s commercial buildings stand strong against extreme storm conditions.

Upgrades Hail Resistance
Strengthens Puncture Resistance
Maintains Water Resistance

Enhanced Hail Protection

When you’re looking for the best defense for your roof assembly designs, there’s only one roof board to consider. DensDeck® StormX™ Prime roof boards are classified by FM Global for VSH (very severe hail), the tough new hail standard in FM Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-34. DensDeck® StormX™ Prime cover boards are your go-to roof risk mitigator for buildings in the very severe hail areas of the central United States and anywhere severe hail (2 inches or larger) is a concern.

The roof board’s proprietary engineering enables it to better resist impact from hail and wind-borne debris. To learn more about DensDeck® StormX™ Prime roof board’s VSH rating performance, click here.

Extreme Puncture and Moisture Resistance Keeps Weather Out

DensDeck® StormX™ Prime Roof Boards incorporate optimal moisture defense, increased strength, and preeminent impact resistance in one multi-use roof board. It is classified for the rigid VSH standard for hail resistance, using engineering ingenuity to help reduce risk of assembly storm damage.

DensDeck StormX Prime boards also join DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards with EONIC™ Technology as the only cover boards with manufacturing specifications that include 5% total water resistance by weight and 1-gram surface water absorption performance on both sides of the board. Whether your roof needs protection from moisture, debris, or the onslaught of hail up to very severe conditions, DensDeck StormX Prime roof boards help the roofing system stand up to attack.

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