Lunch & Learn: We Come to You!

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum offers AIA/CES registered courses onsite for architectural firms. A trained AIA/CES facilitator will deliver a one-hour course for your group. Architects can earn one (1) LU/HSW hour.

Contact us online: Request an onsite course by e-mail. Please provide complete contact information, firm name, phone, e-mail, location. Or call 1-800 BUILD GP (1-800-284-5347).

Continuing Education Courses

Changing the Way We Think of Prefabrication: New Solutions for Your Building Envelope

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

Learn how prefabricated construction is advancing in vertical segments from hospital to government, hospitality to office, and beyond. Prefabrication firms are expanding, and new design-build business models, including their own prefabrication factories, are disrupting traditional building approaches with significant success. 

Making Transitions: Keeping Air and Water Barriers Continuous

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

In this course, we will focus on three transition areas: wall to foundation, openings, and roof to wall. Further, recognizing the innovations and risk mitigation needed in building envelope design, we will also look at the latest advances in all-in-one, integrated gypsum sheathing that include WRB and AB systems during manufacturing as alternatives to field-applied water- and air-barrier systems. 

The Evolution of Water-Resistive and Air Barriers in Commercial Building Envelope Construction

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

Understand the key functions required by building codes for water-resistive barriers, continuous air barriers, vapor retarders, and thermal barriers in a building envelope/enclosure.

Benefits of High-Performance Gypsum Panels for Moisture Mgmt. and Project Scheduling

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

This course considers the design of energy-efficient buildings, which must include an effective, lasting, moisture-management strategy. Moisture management is essential to resilient, sustainable, healthy buildings.

Overview of Firewalls and the Use of Glass-Mat Gypsum Shaftliner Panels

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

Provides an overview of the advantages of using fiberglass mat shaftliner panels for firewall assemblies in multi-story, multi-family housing, and covers the installation procedures and special conditions.

Interior Fiberglass Mat Gypsum Panels: Benefits for Sustainable Construction

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

Overview of fiberglass mat gypsum panels and explains potential contribution to LEED® certification and sustainable building codes and standards, as well as addresses issues of indoor air quality and construction scheduling.

Specifying Levels of Finish for Gypsum Wallboard

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

Provides an overview of gypsum wallboard manufacturing, a review of the Gypsum Association’s recommended levels of finish and examples of writing specification of levels of finish.

Durability in Commercial Roofing Assemblies

1 LU/HSW hour (AIA)

Provides an overview of the types and performance characteristics of cover board materials used in commercial roofing assemblies, along with a discussion of the forces that threaten roof-system durability.