When Less is More: Improving Your Building Envelope’s Performance through DensDefy™ Accessories

When you stick to the essentials, there’s less getting in the way of your results. Wall assembly design is no exception to that philosophy. With the launch of DensDefy™ Accessories, building envelope professionals can avoid using more resources than necessary and go to one source for their wall assembly essentials. And in doing so, they can achieve a resilient, high-performing end result.

The DensDefy Accessories, consisting of DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing and DensDefy™ Transition Membrane, complete the DensElement® Barrier System, an all-in-one water-resistive and air barrier sheathing solution. DensDefy Accessories fortify the moisture management of DensElement® Barrier System by sealing the water-resistant barrier system components for a faster, tighter building envelope. By eliminating the need for a peel-n-stick, full fluid applied or building wrap, the integrated system helps contractors reduce installation time while saving labor, materials and costs. With the addition of DensDefy Accessories, architects and contractors can simplify the installation process and compound the savings the DensElement Barrier System already provides.

DensDefy Liquid Flashing

Consider it liquid gold.

DensDefy Liquid Flashing, which is gold in color, is easy-to-install and protects wall assemblies from water intrusion and unwanted air movement. This flexible, liquid flashing membrane seals rough openings, penetrations, joints, and seams. DensDefy Liquid Flashing is formulated using STP chemistry that gives it the ability to cure quickly and provides good elongation even after it has cured.

Weather worries become much less of a concern with DensDefy Liquid Flashing. The product can tolerate rain immediately after application and will bond when applied to damp, clean, frost-free surfaces. The flashing can be installed in cold temperatures of 25°F and higher, and the product will cure at temperatures between 32°F and 110°F.

DensDefy™ Transition Membrane

Used as a transitioning material and rough-opening treatment in wall assemblies, the DensDefy™ Transition Membrane is an impermeable, self-adhered sheet designed to maintain continuity of the air and moisture barrier. The product does not require primer and is best used for control joints, vertical expansion joints, gaps greater than 1”, and to connect dissimilar materials such as prepared concrete and concrete masonry. To accommodate various job specific needs, the product is available in 6”, 9” and 12” widths for wall assemblies above grade. DensDefy Transition Membrane bonds to most surfaces such as glass mat gypsum sheathing, poured concrete, masonry, steel, and wood-based substrates.

Here’s a closer look at the features of DensDefy Accessories:

An even stronger system

DensDefy™ Accessories offer a few key benefits to improve the performance of your building envelope:

  • DensDefy Liquid Flashing can cure in wet weather, allowing for faster project completion.
  • The products can be installed in low temperatures.
  • They save time and labor.
  • They accommodate various cladding types and are backed by the Georgia-Pacific limited warranty.

By having one source for many of the components needed to build a better wall, building owners, architects, and contractors can improve the performance of their building envelope while conserving the resources of time, money and manpower in the process.