DensElement® Barrier System and NFPA 285 Acceptance Criteria

Current and past building codes have generally required combustible water resistive barriers (WRBs) to be tested for compliance with NFPA 285 acceptance criteria. In 2018, IBC section 1402.5 was modified to clarify that “water-resistive barrier flashings and accessories at other locations, including through wall flashings shall not be considered part of the water resistive barrier” for purposes of the NFPA 285 testing requirement. Within the DensElement® Barrier System, the DensElement® Sheathing is   noncombustible (per ASTM E136), and the DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing is the water-resistive barrier flashing that is no longer considered a part of the water-resistive barrier for purposes of the NFPA testing requirement under IBC section 1402.5.

Thus, with this change, DensElement® Barrier System should be considered a non-combustible WRB, and the NFPA testing requirements in IBC Section 1402.5 for combustible water-resistive barriers should not be applicable, as DensElement® Sheathing is exempt from NFPA assembly testing under the 2018 IBC.

However, not all jurisdictions have adopted the 2018 IBC.  In those cases, the following tables list wall assemblies featuring DensElement® Barrier System that are included in NFPA 285 engineering evaluations.

Brick, Natural Stone, Artificial Stone

 Manufacturer  Cladding  Notes  Priest & Associates
Project # reference
 Brick  10261K, Revision 4
 Stucco  10261K, Revision 4
 Limestone  10261K, Revision 4
 Terracotta  10261K, Revision 4
 Natural Stone Veneer  10261K, Revision 4
 Cast Artificial stone  10261K, Revision 4
 Pre-cast Artificial Stone  minimum 1 ½” thick complying with ICC-ES AC 51  10261K, Revision 4
Thin Brick
Manufacturer  Cladding Notes  Priest & Associates
Project # reference
 Glen Gery  Thin Brick  Thin Tech Elite  10261K, Revision 4
 Thin Brick / Cultured Stone  Set in thin set adhesive and metal lath that has passed NFPA 285  10261K, Revision 4
Siding and Wall Panels
 Manufacturer  Cladding  Notes  Priest & Associates
Project # reference
 Parklex  HPL Façade Panel  10915
 TABS Wall Systems  TABS II Panel System  ½” bricks using TABS Wall Adhesive  10261K, Revision 4
 Stone Panels  Stone Lite Wall Panels  ESR 1500  10261K, Revision 4
 Cement Board Siding  10261K, Revision 4
 Fiber-Cement Siding  Uninsulated  10261K, Revision 4
 MCM  That have passed NFPA 285  10261K, Revision 4
 Aluminum Panel  Uninsulated sheet metal  10261K, Revision 4
 Steel Panel  Uninsulated sheet metal  10261K, Revision 4
 Copper Panel  Uninsulated sheet metal  10261K, Revision 4
 Stone/Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Building Panel  That have passed NFPA 285  10261K, Revision 4
 Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panels  That have passed NFPA 285  10261K, Revision 4
EIFS Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
 Manufacturer  Cladding  Notes  Priest & Associates
Project # reference
 Sto Corp.  EIFS  ESR 1030, ESR 1720, ESR 1748,  10844, Revision 3
 Parex USA, Inc.  EIFS  ESR 1689, ESR 1935  10844, Revision 3
 Dryvit Systems, Inc.  EIFS  ESR 1232, ESR 1534, ESR 1547,

ESR 1693, ESR 1821

 10844, Revision 3
 BASF Corporation  EIFS  ESR 1794, ESR 1878, ESR 2022,

ESR 2164, ESR 2165, ESR 2186

 10844, Revision 3
 Omega Products International, Inc.  EIFS  ESR 2064  10844, Revision 3
 Masterwall  EIFS  ESR 1181  10844, Revision 3

Priest & Associates has issued engineering evaluations extending NFPA 285 results to DensElement® Sheathing and DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing, permitting the replacement of the sheathing and WRB cited in the report(s).

Refer to individual Priest & Associates engineering evaluations for additional assembly specifications.

This bulletin is for general information and intended for architects and other professionals for planning purposes only. Ultimately, the design and detailing of any project, assembly or system is the responsibility of a professional, and all projects must comply with applicable building codes and standards. GP Gypsum disclaims any responsibility or liability for the architecture, design, engineering or workmanship of any project, assembly, or system. Technical Hotline: 1-800-225-6119