The drawings and information shown herein are presented for illustration and intended solely for use by design professionals for planning purposes. Please consult the actual fire resistance directory or test report for complete information, and in no event shall the information herein be used for construction. The STC Rating shown reflects testing or evaluation of an assembly with one or more products under test conditions and may not apply to all products listed for each assembly. Ultimately, the design and detailing of the project, assembly or system is the responsibility of a professional, and all projects must comply with applicable building codes and standards. GP Gypsum disclaims any responsibility or liability for the use of this information and for the architecture, design, engineering or workmanship of any project, assembly or system. Any products manufactured by persons other than Georgia-Pacific Gypsum are presented for illustration only. Please contact the manufacturer of such products for installation instructions. GP Gypsum makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, concerning this information and specifically disclaims any implied warranty of fitness for a particular use.

FIRE SAFETY CAUTION – Passing a fire test in a controlled laboratory setting and/or certifying or labeling a product as having a one-hour, two-hour, or any other fire resistance or protection rating and, therefore, as acceptable for use in certain fire rated assemblies/systems, does not mean that either a particular assembly/system incorporating the product, or any given piece of the product itself, will necessarily provide one-hour fire resistance, two-hour fire resistance, or any other specified fire resistance or protection in an actual fire. In the event of an actual fire, you should immediately take any and all actions necessary for your safety and the safety of others without regard for any fire rating of any product or assembly/system. Please visit for additional information.