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Press Release | 03-06-2017
Georgia-Pacific’s DensElement™ Barrier System Listed by ABAA

ATLANTA (March 06, 2017) – Georgia-Pacific is proud to announce that their patent-pending DensElement™ Barrier System with AquaKOR™ Technology has been listed with the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA).

ABAA is the center of excellence in the air barrier industry. They are dedicated to raising the industry’s standard of proficiency. “Achieving the ABAA listing provides further validation of the outstanding air barrier performance properties of our DensElement™ Barrier System,” said Brent Paugh, president for Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. “The ABAA listing provides architects and general contractors additional confidence in specifying it for the building envelope of any project.”

The layered construction of our AquaKOR™ Technology in our patent-pending system contributes to its success. The WRB-AB is integrated within the gypsum core, beneath the fiberglass mat, to create a consistent, performance-tested WRB-AB. No building wrap, fluid-applied membranes or peel-and-stick membranes are required.

“The ABAA listing combined with the time, labor and material savings of the DensElement™ Barrier System gives progressive architects and general contractors a better solution for building envelopes,” stated Paugh.

DensElement™ Barrier System met the Factory Bonded Membranes to Sheathing air barrier requirements listed by ABAA. The ABAA provides the official test results on their web site. You can review the DensElement™ Barrier System with AquaKOR™ test results by visiting and scrolling to the ‘Factory-Bonded Membranes to Sheathing’ listing.

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Headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts, Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) is the national voice on the American air barrier industry. ABAA was founded in 2001, and since that day the association has helped builders progress by educating and promoting safe and efficient building materials. ABAA evaluates and reports on various air barrier construction products while building relationships with state, national, and international building organizations. For more information about ABAA visit