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Press Release | 07-12-2016
DensElement™ Barrier System Approval in City of Los Angeles Research Report

ATLANTA (July 12, 2016) – The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) released an evaluation approval for the patent-pending DensElement™ Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

LADBS approves alternate building materials or products that are at least equivalent to the materials prescribed in building codes in terms of quality, effective time period of fire resistance, strength, effectiveness, durability and safety. The Los Angeles Research Report (LARR #26054) deemed the DensElement™ Barrier System as an approved system on July 1, 2016.

The LARR is in compliance with the 2014 Los Angeles City Building Code. The approval is based on data submitted in accordance with those standards and criteria as referenced in the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES®) evaluation service report (ESR-3786) under section 6.0 Evidence Submitted issued in November 2015. The general LARR approval remains effective provided that the ESR is maintained valid and unrevised by the ICC-ES.

In commercial construction projects, the DensElement™ Barrier System eliminates the traditional need to cover the face of a building’s exterior sheathing with a water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) system, such as building wrap, fluid-applied membranes or self-adhered membranes. The solution consists of three system components: DensElement™ Sheathing, PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash® liquid flashing and R-Guard® PorousPrep® water-based primer. When properly installed, the DensElement™ Barrier System is a vapor permeable WRB-AB when the joints, fasteners, penetrations, openings and transitions are properly sealed with PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash® liquid flashing.

Architects, engineers and builders may find the DensElement™ Barrier System evaluation report in the LARR database at under LARR #26054.

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