When the forecast threatens weather delays or damage,
turn to the company you trust for weather-resistive
sheathing systems.

ForceField® Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific helps protect your builds during the construction process.
Engineered wood panels and advanced accessories create a smarter sheathing system that resists the effects of moisture
on structural performance.


ForceField® Weather Barrier System is recognized by APA* as conforming to IBC, IRC and IEEC standards for a water-resistive barrier and air barrier.

Panels use DryGuard® Technology* and a factory-bonded overlay to provide enhanced* moisture resistance.

This innovative panel design helps keep water out without affecting the permeability of the panel itself.

Panels install like standard OSB or plywood. The system starts protecting your structure the moment it’s up and reduces the number of trades needed on the jobsite.

Seam tape and flashing accessories complete the system, treating seams, joints, critical details and rough openings, contributing to continuity of building envelope control layers.

Once the panels are installed, seams and rough openings are taped and treated to prevent air infiltration, creating a more energy efficient structure.

*The Engineered Wood Association Product Report PR-N136

10-Year Limited Warranty

ForceField® Weather Barrier System contributes to creating a long-lasting, high performance building envelope that
stands strong against the elements. Structurally rated wood sheathing panels, advanced seam tape and other system
accessories that are part of the original building envelope are covered under a limited warranty from Georgia-Pacific in
our commitment to offering you quality, durable building products.

Warranty Details


DensElement® Barrier System is versatile across today’s top cladding choices.

Panels with DryGuard® Technology* and an enhanced* overlay helps keep water out.


High-performance seam tape lets you protect seams and joints.

DensElement® Barrier System’s integrates WRB-AB eliminates separate weatherproofing altogether, reducing overall time on the job.

Complete the envelope with premium accessories compatible across Georgia-Pacific products.

DensElement® Barrier System’s overall process consolidation, design versatility, and time savings means faster time to completion on the overall project.

Corner seals and flexible tape cover every detail for a continuous envelope.


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*Features described here may not be available in all geographic markets. Consult your Georgia Pacific Company sales office or representative for more information.


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